Meet the Founders


carlyn shear & Lindsay Nelson


Carlyn and Lindsay are no strangers to sweat. Carlyn played sports all throughout her life and was the captain of her varsity tennis and cross country teams. In college, she discovered yoga and became a certified instructor during her senior year. Lindsay spent her youth as a competitive gymnast, and later became the captain of her varsity cheerleading team. The two girls became friends while #gettingsweaty chasing their campers around a day camp in Connecticut the summer before their freshman year of college. 

After spending four years apart (Lindsay attended Tulane while Carlyn attended Emory), they reconnected during the summer in the most fitting way possible—unintentionally sitting next to each other in Trammell Logan’s SoulCycle class. High on sweat and #PumpedUpOnTrammell, they discussed their love of fitness, and dreams of entering the health and wellness industry. They talked about how in college, it can be so difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and decided that there needed to be a community where students could come together to share all of the best ways to  motivate each other to live more balanced lives.

It might have been the endorphins talking, but the rest is history.