10 Commandments for Maintaining Sanity

Photo: Liv Schreiber (Wisconsin '19)

Photo: Liv Schreiber (Wisconsin '19)

It's completely normal to feel like you're losing your mind sometimes. Maybe you're going through a break-up, having drama with friends, or are in the middle of finals. Whatever the reason might be, know that you're not alone, and that it's all going to be okay. Here are some mantras and inspiration to keep you happy and sane. 

1. Thou shalt be in control. If you want to make a change, what are you waiting for? No one says anything in your life has to be permanent besides you. Don’t set your own limit before you know how far you can leap. It’s a recipe. Find the ingredients that make you happy. Stir them up in this thing called life, give it a little shake, and a pinch of luck. And voila, you've just created your own happiness.

2. Thou shalt understand everything is temporary. Maybe your boyfriend broke up with you and you feel like the world is ending,  but one day you will wake up and realize that it didn’t. When you are on that last day of your diet and 24 hours feels more like 24 years, just remember tomorrow will be a better day. Whenever I feel this way, I like to say to myself, “You don’t have a bad life, just a bad day.”

3. Thou shalt make mistakes. In fact, make a lot of mistakes. How will you know what you don’t like until you try? How will you know what you deserve until you put yourself out there? You have to kiss a couple frogs before you find your prince ladies...embrace the frogs!

Photo: Liv Schreiber (Wisconsin '19)

Photo: Liv Schreiber (Wisconsin '19)

4. Thou shalt take deep breaths. Periodically. Life is stressful and that’s okay. Take the time to reflect on what’s really going on before you let it overwhelm. Most of the time things are not as bad as we make them out to be. Your mind is a trickster, watch out for it!

5. Thou shalt go hard or go home. If you ask me (but I’m just going to tell you anyways), it seems silly to go for something with a 50% effort. If you made the decision to show up, then really show up. Don’t waste your own time. For example, if you ordered a pizza last night in your intoxicated state and are contemplating eating the entire thing...go hard or go home...just make sure it’s vegan, dairy-free, salt-free, sugar-free, and anything that tastes good-free.

6. Thou shalt sing in the shower. Okay, I know it may not seem as relevant as the rest, but there is a metaphor to this. I personally find my inner confident rockstar in the shower and a sense of freedom and non-judgement that I think everyone should feel every second of their lives. Who cares what people think? 

7. Thou shalt go through heart break. But there’s good news, it will also heal. Tough love is sometimes the best kind of love. Let the obstacles in your life become lessons and challenges to how you can make it even better.

8. Thou shalt be kind to yourself. You only have one life, one body, one face, one you. Don’t spend the time comparing it to everyone else. Newsflash–we want what we can't have...but that’s just it, you can't have it, so get over it. Embrace who you are, flaws and all. The people who love you for that, are the ones that matter anyways.

9. Thou shalt be grateful. You woke up this morning and you have another day to live. Make the most of it. Appreciate the little things because one day they will become big things.

10. Thou shalt live. I’m not talking about breathing-oxygen-and-doing-the-same-routines-every-day type of living. I mean going on adventures, falling in love, taking risks...you only have one life to live, but it may be enough if you do it right. Everyday is a new opportunity to try something new or be someone different...what are you waiting for?