Breakfasts Ideas for Early Morning Workouts

When my alarm goes off for that 8 a.m. spin class and I finally get myself out of bed, the last thing on my mind is getting food in my system before I workout. The thought of eating a full breakfast before exercising that early in the morning nearly makes me nauseous.

But 10 minutes into my workout, I regret my decision to bypass breakfast when I start to feel faint and weak. For who think that it’s impossible to eat before an early workout, THE SWEAT SCENE has compiled four healthy and easily digestible breakfasts that are quick and easy to make so you don’t exercise on an empty stomach.

Photo: Emily Soss (Tulane '18)

Photo: Emily Soss (Tulane '18)

Instant Oatmeal

This healthy breakfast option is high in fiber and iron, which helps keep you full for the duration of a workout. A lot of people have an aversion to the blandness of oatmeal, which is an issue that can be easily fixed. One of the great things about oatmeal is that you can customize its flavor depending on what tastes you like. Try adding honey, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, Goji berries, or nuts to give this breakfast a tasty twist.

Hard Boiled Egg

The OG breakfast. Eggs are extremely high in protein, which is necessary to increase muscle mass during a workout. Garnish it with a bit of salt and pepper and you’re good to go. This breakfast option is super easy and quick: boil a half-dozen eggs and store them in the fridge for a week. If a single egg isn’t enough to hold you over, pair it with a piece of whole grain bread for a more complete meal.




Who doesn’t like toast? For a simple pre-workout breakfast, try your favorite kind with a protein packed spread like peanut butter or almond butter, both of which are high in protein and fiber. For a more savory experience, spread a quarter of a mashed avocado on your toast. Add salt and chili flakes for a delicious breakfast that’s rich in healthy fats.


The most time-consuming homemade breakfast on this list, but it’s worth it. Blend yogurt or almond milk with your favorite fruits and vegetables to create a meal complete with fiber, protein, and vitamin C.

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