Fitness Walking

Photo: Chloe Chasanoff (Emory '18)

Photo: Chloe Chasanoff (Emory '18)

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Everyone at Emory knows the biggest struggle when creating a schedule for next semester: trying to find a PE that requires the least amount of work possible, while still promising a good grade. To make matters worse, most college students already have their own workout regimens, which means that adding a PE class to their schedule is just a waste of time, but unfortunately, you can't graduate without it. What if THE SWEAT SCENE told you that there was a way to make the most out of your PE requirement by getting in a great workout and also getting a good grade? Cue Fitness Walking, a PPF class taught by Deborah Ingalls.

It’s safe to say that the main reason this class is so popular is the instructor. Professor Ingalls has her own children that are in high school and college, so she’s incredibly approachable and easy to talk to about anything from classes, to friends, to life in general. She’s a huge advocate for healthy living and eating, and if prompted, can give a detailed account of what she made her kids for breakfast, such as the nutritional value of each piece of food and why she included it in the meal.

Fitness Walking meets twice a week for an hour and fifteen minutes an is held either outside or in the WoodPec. Professor Ingalls does not waste a second of class, which guarantees each student a pretty solid amount of physical activity. As the course title suggests, the majority of the time in class is spent learning how to incorporate fitness walking into a workout. Fitness walking is another term for walking at a fast pace while tightening the core and swinging both arms in order to propel oneself forward. This form of exercise is just as healthy for your heart as running is, and guarantees similar results if done properly.

During a typical class, Professor Ingalls will assign students a walking course and position herself at different length markers, where students will be individually timed on their progress. Students record their times so that they can improve over the course of the semester.

Why should you take this course? Each class incorporates a cardio workout (one which probably wasn't already part of your routine) and guarantees measurable improvement over the course of the semester. So take our word for it—enroll in Fitness Walking and #getsweaty.


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