With Love and Sweat

Dear Reader,

We are so excited to welcome you to THE SWEAT SCENE, an online community devoted to empowering college students with the resources for navigating all things health and wellness. Our team of campus ambassadors review local fitness studios, eateries and juice bars, and share tips for how to best navigate the wellness scene.

As recent graduates, we understand the challenges that college students face, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance. It's hard enough to juggle a busy social calendar with a demanding academic course load; to wake up for that 8 a.m. lecture after an all-nighter in the library (or a date party, for that matter). Healthy lifestyle habits are easily forgotten, as students are living away from home, many for the first time, and have nowhere to look for guidance and motivation. 

We established THE SWEAT SCENE because we want to motivate the next generations of college students by sharing the latest hot spots and wellness tips, all in a voice that will resonate with them — their own. Trends come and go, but we believe that fitness will never go out of style.

A huge shoutout to Casey Altman and Ben Fink Shapiro for helping us make our dream a reality. And a special thanks to Annie Nelson, our Sweatitor-in-Chief.

Are you ready to get sweaty? We are.

With love and sweat,
Carlyn & Lindsay

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