Photo: Katie Gache (Wisonsin '19)

Photo: Katie Gache (Wisonsin '19)

Running on the treadmill (or in general) can be extremely monotonous. Some choose to mix it up with different speeds and intervals, but for me, the true determinant of an enjoyable treadmill run comes down to my music.

The seemingly easy task of finding the right playlist has the potential to be unsuccessful, and let’s be honest, you get sick of hearing the same songs over and over again each time you run. Recently, however, I was able to amplify my workout and enjoy myself along the way with the help of a new, life-changing app: RockMyRun.

When you open this free app, (which also gives you option to upgrade with a small fee of $4.99 a month) you are immediately bombarded with a selection of high-energy music playlists of different genres. You may opt for a station listed under the “twerk” genre, or perhaps you're in the mood for something more “indie-pop”. Regardless, each station provides continuous beats from chart-topping songs remixed to have motivating drops, guaranteed to pump you up instantly.

Another unique feature of this app allows you to set your BPM (beats per minute), in order to find songs that match your specific running tempo. These tracks will adjust as your pace changes.  While doing so, the app will track your steps, heart rate, and steps per minute.

So, if you're like me and dread your time on the treadmill, download RockMyRun and transform your workout into an all-out-rave.