15 Thoughts You Have When You Workout Hungover

Working out when you feel great can be tough. So, working out when you’re wildly hungover is nearly impossible, but t's always worth it. Having a good sweat sesh after a night out is one of the best ways to feel better in the morning—it can even substitute the morning Advil and Gatorade. 

Photo: Abbey Fernandez (Vanderbilt '18)

Photo: Abbey Fernandez (Vanderbilt '18)

If you do find the strength to drag your hungover booty to the gym the next morning, these are likely some of the thoughts you will have (we know from experience...)

Photo: Abbey Fernandez (Vanderbilt '18)

Photo: Abbey Fernandez (Vanderbilt '18)

  1. How could I possibly leave my bed right now? Going to brunch would be one thing. But getting up to go to the gym? No.

  2. Ugh but think of how good I’ll feel after. 

  3. As the classic motivational Instagram post says, "the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen."

  4. But first, water. There might as well be a bulldozer drilling into my skull.

  5. *Throws on mismatched workout outfit* I don’t even care to wear a cute and coordinated exercise outfit today.

  6. Am I still drunk? Definitely a possibility.

  7. To read the texts from last night while on the elliptical or to not? I think I’d rather suffer through my cardio bored and staring into the distance than face my mistakes from the night.

  8. *Fire song comes on shuffle* This song would make a great pregame song. Not that I’m thinking about tonight already or anything…  

  9. I’m really starting to break a sweat. How many minutes has it been? Oh, only 7…

  10. My sweat doesn’t not smell like vodka…I hope the person next to me isn’t judging.

  11. They just looked over. Definitely judging. Their eyes just narrowed in on the stamps on my hand from last night’s bar followed by an eye roll.

  12. Whatever, I’m proud of myself for working out through this hangover. I feel invincible. Maybe I’ll even write that essay I’ve been putting off after this.

  13. Well, realistically that’s not gonna happen. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Being able to do 25 minutes of cardio with a hangover does not mean I can write a philosophy essay with a hangover.

  14. That was a sufficient sweat sesh given my state last night. Pat on the back well deserved.

  15. But honestly, what I really deserve is a drink.

Cut yourself some slack. If you make it to the gym after a night out, no need to have a work out like you’re training for the military or an Ironman. A short sweat sesh is better than none at all and is guaranteed to ease your hangover. Just be sure to hydrate before, during, and after. And if you can’t make it to the gym the next morning, a boozy brunch is totally the second best option.