What Your Treadmill Activity Says About You

In my opinion, working out is all about variety. Taking different fitness classes throughout the week keep things new and fun, ultimately reducing boredom and redundancy. Sometimes, however, you just can’t escape the treadmill or elliptical. Whether it's your course schedule that's keeping you from Ballet Sculpt or the fact that your Barry’s class package just ran out, classic cardio machines can be your saving grace. While the treadmill and elliptical are universal, how you choose to fill those 20-60 minutes is entirely up to you. Here are a few ways that people make cardio a bit more bearable and what it says about them.

The Reader

Photo: Brittany Silver (Vanderbilt '18)

Photo: Brittany Silver (Vanderbilt '18)

I used to be amazed to see people doing homework at the gym, but now am fully accustomed to this popular trend at Vandy. Whether it be a study guide, biology textbook or novel, what better time to catch up on your reading then while running at 6mph?! These people are determined, focused, and refuse to give up any possible study time. Some people also like to read while walking on an incline, which definitely yields better pen control. "The Reader" is a dependable, responsible person, who knows how to get it done. 


Podcast listeners are curious, creative and intelligent. With so many different podcasts to choose from, the possibilities are endless. I have definitely been guilty of awkwardly smiling or laughing to myself while running, but podcasts are a great way to keep yourself entertained and almost forget that your legs have been moving for 35 minutes. Podcast listeners are carefree and adventurous, and not afraid to be themselves.


Now of course, the classic cardio P-I-C is music. There is nothing like that perfect playlist to get you through a long workout. Those that utilize Spotify or Pandora are happy-go-lucky and very easy going. Not sure exactly what genre you’re in the mood for? Just put on a station and enjoy the spontaneity of what song comes on next! Check out THE SWEAT SCENE's Spotify for some epic playlists from Bomb Ass Beats to Country Remixed



The Personal Playlister

The personal playlisters have their gym music and refuse to work out to anything else. These people are independent, bold and confident. They  know what they like and stick to it. These playlists might be country, gangsta rap, EDM, straight Bey, the soundtrack of Les Miserablés, or anything in between. Gym playlists are individual and totally your own so enjoy it and rock out to whatever gets you running fastest! 


While TVs have always been present in gyms, the Netflix revolution has transformed how people get their entertainment. Whether on iPhones or tablets, Netflix watchers use the treadmill and elliptical to catch up or binge watch their favorite shows. Netflix watchers are high energy and enjoy constant activity. They are usually super involved and outgoing, so need to utilize gym time for Netflix binges. Tip: This is a great way to motivate yourself to workout; designating shows to only be watched at the gym will have you looking forward to the elliptical.

The Focuser

Quiet and thoughtful, the focuser doesn’t need anything to keep them busy. They are perfectly happy running or pedaling to the sound of their own thoughts and the bustling gym around them. The focuser is pensive and observant, spending their time people watching or daydreaming about fun plans to come. The focuser uses their gym time as a way to escape the hectic everyday and reflect.

No matter how you spend your time at the gym or what type of person you are, as long as you #getsweaty and have fun, you’re doing it right. And if you’re getting bored of your usual routine? Try one of these new methods and you might find yourself wanting to stay on the treadmill even longer (I mean probably not... but you never know!)

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