The Best Youtube Fitness Videos

If you aren’t utilizing the health and fitness resources that YouTube has to offer, you’re definitely missing out. The YouTube community is full of up-and-coming fitness and nutrition gurus providing dozens of tips and tricks to amp up, spice up, or start up your fitness journey.

Tone It Up

The queens of YouTube fitness, Karena and Katrina have over half a million subscribers and 300,000 fitness members. Their following extends to their blog, where you can find transformation photos, healthy recipes, and shop their line of (extremely expensive) protein powders, health supplements, workout discs, and most importantly, their nutrition/fitness plans, which thousands of women swear by. Whether you dedicate eight weeks and close to $200 to the program or simply watch their amazing fitness videos on YouTube, you’ll fall in love with Karena and Katrina, who both went through dramatic body transformations that inspired them to start a fitness YouTube channel (this basically means they got fit and therefore so can you). They have hundreds of videos, from bikini abs to boxing workouts to butt-toning tutorials; we dare you to try them all.


Cassey Ho takes a similar approach to the Tone It Up Girls, but with a greater pilates focus. In addition to her plethora of upbeat toning tutorials, Cassey also discusses meal choices and overall healthy living, including diet myths and life advice for fitness-conscious men and women. Her workouts are quick, so you have no excuse to not squeeze them into your busy college schedule. By simply signing up with your email, you gain access to her free monthly fitness calendar, which is perfect if you love her fitness videos. Both her YouTube channel and blog are full of super helpful nutrition information for those of us who are ballin’ on a budget and/or aren’t sure if pizza counts as a vegetable or not. 

Yoga Girl

If you aren’t following Yoga Girl on every social media platform, do you even do yoga? Rachel Brathen is every yogi’s girl crush; from her YouTube yoga flows to her pet goat who does yoga with her—yes you heard that right—there’s nothing not to love about this girl. Her channel not only includes awesome follow-along yoga flows, but also has vlogs that follow her around on her yoga journeys around the world (she’ll make you want to drop everything and move to Nicaragua to become a full time yogi). She’s known for #yogaeverydamnday, and encourages her subscribers to discover their passion for yoga and meditation. Skip the expensive studio membership, roll out a mat in your backyard, and follow one her many flows; you’ll be booking your flight to Nicaragua in no time.

Besides their YouTube channels, all of these gurus have several other social media platforms that are totally worth checking out. Follow your favorites on Instagram for quick daily motivation, and sign up for their blog newsletters. So move your coffee table out of the way, hookup your laptop to the surround sound, and enjoy the YouTube fitness craze.

Spiritual Gangster
Spiritual Gangster