A Total Body Workout… In Your Dorm Room

Do not let the excuses get to you. “It’s cold “the gym is too far of a walk” “I don’t have time” “I can start tomorrow” are not reasons that you cannot be getting your grind on! Working out in your dorm room is totally doable. It saves the time and the hassle of trekking to the gym in winter temperatures. Whip out a yoga mat and try these full body workouts in your room.

Here is your full guide to a total body workout in your dorm, no weights, no bands, just your body and your mat!


Fire Hydrants

With your hands and knees on the floor, raise one leg and extend it to a 90 degree angle, bent. Kick straight back, keeping your leg parallel to the ground. Do 30 ‘kicks’ each side, then repeat once.

Back Kicks

With the same starting position, extend one leg completely out, with your foot on the ground. Kick back as far as you can go, squeezing your glutes each time. Do 30 ‘kicks’ each side, then repeat once.

Knee Lifts

With the same previous starting position, this time just lift one knee to the side. Do 30 ‘lifts’ each side, then repeat once.


Leg Lifts

Sitting with your legs extended and your hands supporting your back, kick one leg up, lower almost to the ground, kick to the side, then back, then up again. Do one leg for 60 seconds, then switch, then repeat once.

Standing Lunges

Standing up straight, step out with one leg, and lunge forward, and ‘bounce’. Do 30 reps each side, with a 10 second hold on each leg at the end.

Bounce Squats

Perform a regular squat, however, add a bounce when you are at your lowest point. Do 60 seconds, then repeat after short break.



Perform 15 full pushups, then do 15 ‘half’ push-ups following. This means only lower half way, and only raise halfway back up. MODIFICATION: place your knees down, with your feet raised.

Arm Circles

For one whole minute, hold your arms straight out towards the side and circle your arms in tiny circles forward (30 seconds) and backwards (30 seconds).

Arm Raises

Starting with your arms down to your sides, raise them up fowards, back down, then to the sides. Perform for a full minute, then repeat once.