Au Natural

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The fall is an exceptional time for nature and exercise. The change in weather allows for a brisk run at any time of the day, and foods that we don’t eat regularly are in season. Plus, don't forget pumpkin everything. The colorful foliage, trips to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard, and visits to terrifying haunted houses culminate into a perfectly transitional season of adventure and experience!

One thing to really take advantage of is the cooler temperatures. On campus here at Penn State, there is no comparable feeling to that of a sunny day spent on Old Main. Before we know it, temperatures drop, winds pick up, and we find ourselves in the dead of winter. In October and early November, we can capitalize on the comfortable weather to experience our beautiful surroundings!

The Penn State arboretum is a great place to run and get in touch with nature. Hundreds of different plants grow there, giving your time exercising another dimension of feeling closer to the earth. Another great spot to walk, run, or hike is Walnut Springs Park, which is located just a bit off campus. There are many trails you can hike, and it is a great place to go with friends or even pets. Working on your body in a natural environment can help change the way you view nature and, eventually, yourself. What better motivator than the path right in front of you? What better reward than beating your previous time to get to the end of the trail on a long run? When you accept the outdoors and exercise with regard to your environment, you will not only begin to see your body change, but your mood will undoubtedly become more positive, too!

It is so important to take advantage of your surroundings as much as possible because the seasons pass us by very quickly. Fall is a wonderful time to get in shape or stay in shape, and using the environment and all it has to offer to your gain will result in healthy and happy workouts.