Healthy Snacks on Campus

You’re half way through your Physical Anthropology class when you feel your stomach start to rumble. You reach into your backpack, fumble around, and then realize with a sigh of defeat that you do not in fact have a snack with you to curb your hunger. There is a solution that will ensure that you will be able to focus on your classes (to the best of your ability) and never be hungry in class again. There are countless places on campus to grab a quick, healthy snack to keep in your backpack or to munch on in between your classes. Here is a list of the best healthy snacks on campus and where to find them:


There are a variety of different Starbucks’ on UT’s campus. Whether you’re on West Campus, in the SAC, in the Union, at Jester, or at Kinsolving Dorm next to the Comm. School, the possibilities at Starbucks are endless. You can grab a banana, a Kind Bar, a fruit cup, or a That’s It Fruit Snack Bar. If you need to pick up something quick to hold you over for a longer period of time, Starbucks also offers different snack boxes that have hard boiled eggs, Justin’s almond butter packets, and sliced apples and grapes that are actually delicious! And don’t forget your iced coffee, of course.

Austin Acai

Located just behind the Co-Op, Austin Acai is a student owned and operated acai bowl food truck. If you are on your way to campus and need to eat something quick and refreshing to combat the Texas heat, this is your place. There are numerous different options on the menu and their bowls will be sure to fill you up for your long day of classes!


If you are deep into campus and need to grab something in between your classes, Jester Market is the place for you. There is a little mini market that has different options of healthy snacks, including fresh fruit like bananas and apples, Sabra hummus and pretzel cups, and a wide variety of different protein bars. The possibilities at Jester are endless!

As you can see, there is no reason to go hungry on UT’s campus again. There are so many different places that offer quick, easy, cheap, and healthy snack options. Now you can at least pretend that you’re paying attention in class instead of blaming it on your rumbling stomach…