Back to School: Healthy Tips & Tricks

Photo: Liv Schreiber (Wisconsin '19)

Photo: Liv Schreiber (Wisconsin '19)

It’s much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the summer. You have convenient access to fresh, home-cooked meals, more free time to workout, and less late-night temptations. Follow these tips to maintain your healthy streak when you get back to campus this fall.

Don’t Skip Meals

People always make the mistake of skipping meals, especially in an effort to make up for those late night drunk pizza orders or second servings of fro-yo. But skipping meals will just cause you to binge more. Letting yourself starve renders you defenseless to all your late night cravings, setting you up for a toxic cycle.  Instead, carry healthy snacks with you everywhere you go and eat when you genuinely feel hungry. This will help reduce the urge to eat the entire bag of Skinny Pop when the clock strikes Midnight. Most dining halls also offer apples, bananas, and oranges, so take advantage of that!

Eat Real Food

Bars are great. They are fast, easy, and convenient when rushing from class to class. However, while they might hold us over for an hour or two, they rarely satisfy us. Our bodies crave real food. Some of my favorite "real food" replacements for when I'm on the go include raw nuts, greek yogurt, and turkey jerky. All of these substitutes provide the same amount of protein as bars do, but leave you fuller and satisfied for longer.

Sleep More

Studies have shown that lack of sleep leads to an increase in sugar cravings. Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to get a good night sleep in college. If you find yourself skimping on sleep and getting less than six hours a night, try to set aside a block during the day to nap. A quick 20-minute power nap can help to re-energize you, in a much healthier way than the sugary snacks and too much caffeine can.