Blast Buckhead Review

So let’s just say that Blast lives up to its name. For anyone looking to torch calories and feel like a champ while doing it, this hyper-intense class combines cardio and strength training to leave you feeling like you’ve given your body a run for its money (literally). Read on to hear more about the workout that left me (good) sore and a little bit wasted on endorphins.

The Sweat Scale

Don't come to Blast on your rest day. In fact, we suggest you book this class after a good night’s sleep, as you’ll need to be prepared for speed, squats, and a whole lot of sweat. Expect to leave the studio fatigued and ready for a refuel (luckily, Blast Buckhead is sandwiched between a Kale Me Crazy and a Chipotle, so you’re covered either way). 

The Space

The studio boasts wide open windows that make you feel less guilty for exercising indoors on Hotlanta’s nicest days. And with state of the art treadmills lined up in front of mirrors and equipment lining the walls, the space feels like a sweat-sanctuary of sorts. Guests will find a Blast boutique by the front desk, locker rooms with showers and complimentary cosmetic items on deck, and free water bottles and hand towels waiting for them on their treads.

The Workout

Blast combines treadmill intervals with strength training on the floor for a full-body workout that targets every muscle group in the body. Though Blast only offers one type of class (“Blast Full Body”), each session is different, with the duration of intervals and equipment changing every class. On the treadmill, clients can expect some intervals to work speed and others to work incline. You should know in advance that Blast’s treads are pimped-out versions of the ones at the Woodpec. That means their inclines go up to 30% (don’t worry, we also were left wondering, “Is this what Everest is like?”) Luckily the instructor shouts out pace options for every type of Sweat Scener, offering a walker’s pace, a jogger’s pace, and a runner’s pace for clients to choose from during each interval. So while a runner’s sprint (the longest of which only lasted 60 seconds) might be 11.0 mph, a walker’s sprint might be 6.0mph. There is always something for everyone.

The types of equipment used during the class’s strength training intervals are switched up regularly, too. In the class I attended, we used soft medicine balls and bands to work every muscle group. Moves included weighted squats and jumping jacks, planks with our hands balancing on the medicine ball, and bicep and tricep work using the bands, among many others.

What to Wear and How to Prepare

We suggest you opt for shorts or leggings (note: the studio is sufficiently AC’d) and a snug-fitting top for this class. Since you very well may encounter a burpee (or 10) and side planks along the way, a tighter top is your best bet to avoid a distracting fit. We’re also partial to tanks for this workout, since the cardio portion of the class will certainly get you glistening. That’s a nice way of saying select sleeveless if you want to stay sweat stain-free.

The Bottom Line

Head to Blast ready to sweat and prepared to feel the burn.



Buckhead: 4600 Roswell Road NE B130, Atlanta, GA 30342
Midtown: 100 6th Street Suite 120, Atlanta, GA 30308
Athens: 1075 Baxter St, Athens, GA 30606

Instagram: @theblastlife