Wisco Campus Favorite: Cyc Fitness

The perfect class for anyone looking to burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time, Cyc offers a fun and upbeat spin class for all ages and experience levels. 


The 45 minute classes will have you sweating within the first five minutes. The class is mostly focused on cardio, but there are some slower weighted sectors and a few higher resistance exercises integrated in the middle of the workout.  You will definitely be drenched in sweat by the end and first-timers will probably be sore the next morning.


At Cyc, you ride to the beat, and each new song brings a change in speed and resistance, keeping you engaged and motivated. The instructors are enthusiastic and energetic, and motivate you to push yourself to keep up with them the entire time. My instructor did the vast majority of the sets and exercises with us, but occasionally stepped off her bike to motivate individual riders, mostly those in the front of the room, to sprint harder and faster. She also  explained easier, alternative options for less experienced riders before each sprint, weighted sector, or resistance exercise for the less experienced riders. You will definitely be pushed to your limits at Cyc, but there is definitely no shame in skipping a set or sprint and opting for a water break instead. The two to three minute cool down at the end is nice, but always feels a little rushed and the stretches don’t always help that much in the morning.


You can view the schedule and sign up for class on their website, so you do not need to arrive more than ten minutes early.  Because you will be sweating so much, you should wear leggings and a sweat-proof top. They provide shoes and towels, but you do need to remember to wear socks. If you forget your water bottle, they sell smart water at the studio for $2.


Cyc has very nice facilities—lockers that lock with a 4-digit code, showers with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash, and blow dryers. The actual studio has EDM music blasting and is illuminated with black lights. Overall, Cyc’s atmosphere is very upbeat, energized, and youthful. A younger crowd will definitely appreciate Cyc’s ambiance more than an older one.


Each class is $20 ($18 with a student discount), a package of 5 is $100, a package of 10 is $190, a package of 20 is $360, and the unlimited monthly program is $188. Red Card occasionally offers deals on class packages.


Cyc is the best way to burn a ton of calories in just 45 minutes. That being said, you will have to push yourself very hard and will likely be exhausted by the end.