Coco For Coconut Oil

10 reasons you should’ve been using coconut oil, like, yesterday:

  1. It moisturizes hair and eliminates dead ends, also can stimulate hair growth and keep frizz at bay.

  2. It can kill yeast and get rid of yeast infections when used topically.

  3. It's a healthy alternative to use as you would olive oil or butter in a pan for cooking! Coconut oil stimulates fat burning in the body and also lubricates pans the same way as other oils.

  4. Coconut oil can be used as a natural chemical-free eye makeup remover.

  5. It's the perfect morning coffee sweetener that won’t pack on the pounds or be too sugary.

  6. It can be used to assist and speed up the healing of sunburn. 

  7. A natural SPF 4 (meaning it blocks 75% of UV radiation), it can also be added to recipes to make homemade sunscreen. 

  8. When used topically and regularly, coconut oil can eliminate acne.

  9. It can be a solvent on dry or cracked soles of feet from working out.

  10. Antibacterial properties keep harmful bacteria out of your body and help to keep body odor low, making for a great natural deodorant and preventing you from getting sick. 

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