Corepower Sculpt: All of Your Favorite Workouts in One

With so many fitness class options, it can be difficult to decide which workout you’re in the mood for. Vinyasa flow or HIIT bootcamp? Instead of choosing between a butt-kicking, sweat chamber and a toning, relaxing vibe, there is an easy solution. Corepower Yoga’s Sculpt class is a fitness lover’s dream. Set in a heated room (between 90-93 degrees Fahrenheit), it's a beautiful combination of soothing yoga, intense cardio, and weighted exercises intended to tone and “sculpt” your body. 

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One of the greatest aspects of Sculpt class is its variability; each teacher and each different class is totally unique. Being a devoted Corepower yogi, especially when it comes to Sculpt classes, I can honestly say I’ve never done the exact same routine twice. Each class begins with a breath-to-movement flow that serves as the basis for the next hour. Taking time to initially connect to our breaths, movements, and intentions, we set ourselves up for a grounded, mindful practice.  After a few minutes of chaturanga sequences, the intensity is amped up by adding weights to our flow and pulsing in different positions to build and tone muscle.  Frequent strength training moves include squat variations, bicep curls, and lunges. After each exercise, we are instructed to maintain small movements in the previous position, contributing to that rewarding burning feeling, the unmistakable mark of a seriously intense workout. Complete with a brief cardio interval and the final ab-torching sequence, this yoga-based class wraps up with a much-needed savasana before we seal in our practice with a namaste. 

Aside from the killer burn that silences any inner doubts about the quality of the workout, Sculpt instructors play some seriously dope tunes. Their carefully curated playlists create an amazing high-vibe experience with beats that match up perfectly to our reps. The killer soundtrack and the chill yet motivating instructor make Sculpt class an experience unlike any other. If you’re looking for a trendy but effective workout experience, Corepower’s Sculpt class needs to be next on your list. You don’t have to be an advanced yogi or a professional weightlifter to enjoy this empowering, muscle-burning, yet super zen exercise class.