Eat State Street

Aren’t you thankful that the new trend is healthy fast-food restaurants? Because I know I definitely am! Whether you’re feelin’ super healthy after your workout, need to pick up a quick lunch in between classes, or in the mood for late night munchies, TSS has got you covered to help navigate State Street to find the best options for YOU!

Forage Kitchen

This is my go-to place at any time of the day, although I usually end up here after a workout for their amazing salads (because everyone feels like eating a salad after a workout) and fresh juices. Forage Kitchen strives to bring whole, natural food more accessible, whether you take it to-go or sit and savor every bite. Aside from their signature salads and make-your-own, they have hearty grain bowls to ”fill you up, not out” as they say, along with cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and my favorite item -- acai bowls.

Glaze Teriyaki

Located on the West side of State Street, this new restaurant focuses on serving fresh, never frozen, local ingredients. They serve “Teriyaki Plates” that include your choice of protein, rice, and a side salad, or a “Salad Plate” -- both topped with mouth-watering dressings. They also provide a separate gluten-free menu. “We're putting an end to sad desk lunches and flavorless healthy dinners. Join the movement and #GetGlazed.


Everyone needs a little Mexican cuisine in their life. Chipotle is the best for fast-food Mexican, but it has the potential to rack up the calories so you must be careful when eyeing all those juicy toppings. If you’re in the mood for a burrito, try the burrito bowl, without the extra calories of a tortilla. I usually go for the vegetarian style as the beans and rice will provide protein (plus you get free guac), load on the veggies, but stay away from the dairy (sour cream and cheese). Little did you know, Chipotle has salads! Although you don’t get the full Mexican food experience you can cut back calories and lower the level of sodium while still eating delicious food.  

Side note: Chipotle now has tofu as a healthier alternative to protein @vegans&vegetarians!

Lotsa: Stone Fired Pizza

Because everyone loves pizza and it’s basically the only thing that will satisfy your late night munchies. Lotsa has a build-your-own option which is the best part about this stone fired pizza joint. But what’s healthy about pizza? Lotsa provides you with three crust options: traditional, ancient grain, and gluten free. You also have the ability to decide what sauce, what cheese (if any) and what toppings. Lotsa strictly uses fresh ingredients which results in the freshest pizza eva’, but it’s all what you make it, so make it good!


You can’t deny that sometimes you just want a good burger. It’s hard to eat a healthy meal when it involves all that meat and extra toppings, but Mooyah does it's best at creating a burger that doesn’t make you feel gross inside. They have veggie burgers and turkey burgers as a healthier alternative to beef. Don’t want the added calories of a bun? You’re in luck (and it doesn’t involve ordering it “sans bun”). The Iceburger is all the fixings of whatever burger of your choosing, but wrapped in lettuce, and don’t forget those sweet potato fries on the side.