5 Reasons You Need to go to SoulCycle

Full disclaimer: I’m not writing this article because I work at SoulCycle; I started working there BECAUSE I love it so much!!  Everyone remembers their first time at SoulCycle (and if you haven’t tried it, you will remember the day you try).  You’re completely lost while the front row is killing it with synced tap-backs, push ups, body rolls, etc.  It’s okay!  If you’re some athletic super human who gets things on the first try, props to you.  If you’re like me, it takes four or five times to really get into the rhythm and understand how to incorporate choreography into your ride.  That first class where you successfully hit those tap back push ups, you feel unstoppable.  It’s literally like winning Dancing With The Stars (LOL not really, but you’ll feel cool).   With all of this being said, here are 5 reasons why SoulCycle is my absolute favorite workout in the world!

1.     It’s a Dance Party on a Bike

Okay, okay, I know I said it was a workout, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.  You’re dancing on a stationary bike.  Alright, yeah, that sounds super weird, but it’s so fun!  All you’re doing is riding to the beat of the music.  While you’re pedaling, the instructors will throw in some choreography that is meant to engage different parts of your body, but it feels like dancing.  I mentioned “tap-backs” earlier.  All that is, is moving your entire body back a few inches by engaging your core to the beat of the music.  Even though it’s a move for your abs, all it feels like it a little dance move - A pretty sassy one at that!

2.     THE MUSIC.

No matter what your taste in music is, you will find an instructor that fits it.  While all the instructors play amazing, upbeat music to keep you pumped up throughout the entire ride, you can definitely tell the different flares of music style that each instructor has.  For instance, some have more of a Hip-Hop driven music set, while others are more EDM.  They incorporate everything from Rock to Pop to even Country.  Also, they have theme rides!! Theme rides are amazing because an instructor will make a playlist of either one genre of music (like Hip-Hop Mondays) or an artist or two (like Taylor Swift vs. Calvin Harris).  One of my favorite theme rides EVER was a Britney Spears themed ride where the instructor played music from every stage of her life from her music starting in the 90s to today.  Whether you like Kanye West, Taylor Swift, or even Red Hot Chili Peppers, you will find music in a class that you love.

3.     YOU Set The Pace

All you’re doing is riding to the beat of the music.  You decide how hard or easy to make the resistance on your bike depending on feeling, not a number.  You put as much resistance on the bike while still being able to keep the pace of the music.  I personally love this because you never have to worry about reaching a certain number and staying there, or competing with others in the class – it’s all about how you feel.  The instructors will give you suggestions of when to turn up or down the resistance, but you ultimately choose how much to put on or take off. 

4. The Community 

Like I said before, there is absolutely no competition in how good you are in the classroom.  Everyone rides to the same beat, pedaling on the same foot at the same time.  Even if you don’t quite catch the choreography, you still feel the sense of community riding to the same beat.   Instructors also encourage you to meet people next to you in class.  I personally love this and have actually made friends this way!  It brings you out of your comfort zone and brings the potential of making new friendships over the bond of something so powerful.

5.     You Learn Life Lessons

The second to last song, called “Soulful” is a song that is supposed to be uplifting, and the room is in complete darkness.   While this song plays, this is a time for you to do some self-reflection.  The instructors relate their life stories to class and the music, so that you can take your SouCycle experience outside of the classroom.  Honestly, some of the talks that the instructors have given during this song have brought me to tears.  The power of listening to these stories and life tips while pushing your body is a feeling like no other.