7 ways flirting with your trainer makes you work harder

We have all walked into a workout class and thought to ourselves, “omg he’s so hot.” So, here are the ways flirting with your trainer (you know you want to) will give you that fall break bod that much faster ;). 

  1. Models are actual motivation. It’s obvious he works out, hard. So, who’s going to run faster by 2.0 on the treadmill when he walks over? You. Nothing says motivation like a shirtless trainer. Hint: This plays for your female Soul Cycle instructors too.

  2. Dress to impress. You just got your biggest excuse to wear your best outfit. So throw on a cute sports bra, tank and your Lulu leggings and head to class. 

  3. Tutor time? We’ve all played the “am I doing this right” card. But after he holds your biceps to make sure you’re doing those curls right or your waist when you’re not straightening fully during burpees, you have to do it right the second time! Or else that’s just embarrassing. Show him his suggestions were genius, throw him a smile like “I got this” – and get a killer body at the same time.

  4. Punch it out. The harder you punch that bag, the more attention the trainer will give you because someone has to hold the bag still if you’re punching and kicking that hard. So if you want one-on-one attention, give it all you’ve got every class. 1000 calories. Awesome. Hot trainer staring at you? Cherry on top.  

  5. Everybody Makes mistakes. I may have thrown a 15-pound medicine ball at a trainer before... oops. And it may or may not have been right where you should never hit a guy. Total accident, promise. So this is just a friendly reminder that making mistakes is okay and don’t let mistakes or bad form in a workout deter you from doing your best. Honestly, the trainer thought it was cute.

  6. Roll it out. We have all had days where everything hurts after certain workouts, especially on leg and butt days at Barry’s. Trainers are there to work you hard, but also to make sure you are healthy. So when you ask him to roll out your hamstring or calf muscles, you are totally allowed to enjoy it.

  7. Teachers’ pet. All this being said, nothing says I’m into you to a trainer than asking when his next class is and asking him to reserve you a spot. You get to see your eye candy again AND get a hot bod in the process. Win-win.

So keep these things in mind the next time you are struggling to finish a workout or swear to yourself you are never doing that again – because you can do it, just with a different mindset!

It is completely acceptable to flirt with your trainer, especially if it means you will work harder. And he won’t complain, promise.