Healthy Eating Instagrams Too Delicious To Not Follow

Instagram is constantly filled with #foodporn, but looking at pictures of pizza and fries all day might have you craving junk food. Put your insta on a cleanse and follow these five healthy food accounts that will have you drooling just as much as the others. 


Warning: You’ll get serious meal envy from the photos that Clean Food Dirty City fills your feed with. The pictures of colorful healthy dishes and smoothie bowls will inspire you to follow a healthy lifestyle. This account turns veggies and fruits into works of art and you'll totally want to bring these dishes to your own kitchen table. 


Sarah’s Instagram account features gorgeous photos of mouthwatering food and witty captions that will make you smile. This account shows that healthy does not mean boring. She also keeps it super real and sometimes throws in the occasional indulgent pic because #balance. 


Josiane’s breakfast food game is on point (I’ve made her quinoa porridge with coconut milk and it’s unreal). As a food and travel blogger, she has the photography skills to not only capture tasty delights, but also the richness of her surrounding environment. Her Instagram allows you to follow her along her world travels, giving you a glimpse of healthy eating around the world.


I’m not sure if I’d ever be able to eat smoothie bowls that are as pretty as the ones posted on this Instagram account. When the weather turns chilly and gray in a few months, this Instagram will add some  color to your feed. The different bowls will inspire you to get creative and make a canvas out of your homemade smoothie bowl!


Kevin, the mastermind behind Fit Men Cook, posts videos on his Instagram that include all the ingredients to make the healthy meals that he posts. If you’re ever stumped on what to make for dinner, this Insta will you inspire you to head to the market to cook up one of his healthy meals.