Healthy Snacks Around Campus

Freshman year or not, it is easy enough to gain a few pounds back at school without even realizing it. There are many possible factors that can contribute to that sneaky unwanted weight gain – the late night pizza, perfectly sized Ben and Jerry’s pints, or stress eating when that paper just is not finishing itself... But, take a step back, inhale, and exhale, because there is an easy solution. With a bit of dedication and healthy-snack-education, you can feel better about your snack choices before you can even say, “large cheese pizza.”


Grab a banana or apple when you are on the run! Pair it with yogurt or peanut butter when you are in need of an energy boost. Fruit is a healthy alternative to chemical-filled sweets, so take a bite of your favorite one while you are craving some M&Ms!


Nuts are there for you when your energy is running low and you are in that mid-day slump between classes. Load your backpack up with 100 calorie packs of almonds, cashews or walnuts instead of reaching for a bag a chips from the vending machine. You'll feel better inside and out, not to mention they are perfectly sized and packed with healthy fats.

TSS Tip: Check out Emerald Nuts 100 Calorie Packs, with options like Vanilla Roasted Almonds and Jalapeño Cashews, there's something for everyone!


We all have those days when we are “too busy” to sit down and eat meal, and end up skipping lunch that day. Although this seems common, it is not ideal for your metabolism and leads to over-eating later in the day. If necessary, grab a protein-packed bar, like Quest Bars, when you really don't have time to sit down for a meal!


Sometimes all you want is to lay in bed, curl up with your favorite Netflix and snack down on anything with a salty crunch. No fear — there are perfect alternatives to finishing off a bag of pretzels or chips. Air-popped popcorn comes in small serving sized bags, and has very little calories per serving. Most of these brands, like Skinny Pop, are made with purely Sea Salt and/or Olive Oil. This will curb your cravings without making you feel icky about your snacking choices!