How Fitness Cured My Anxiety

“What's so bad about getting a 'C' on a test? What’s the worst thing that could happen to you?" the psychologist asked me. 

"Um, DUH, I won’t get a job if I get C’s... Is he crazy to think otherwise?" I thought to myself as he questioned my perfectionist ways.

Forget the psychologist, I couldn’t understand anyone who didn’t feel overwhelming anxiety when it came to handling everyday things like schoolwork and relationships. It was impossible for me to think straight or resolve conflict in a calm manner. I felt like there was a permanent gray cloud, absorbing all of my anxieties – waiting to downpour on me. After countless doctor visits, I realized the only way to cure my anxiety was finding an outlet for my stress – something that would make me feel happy no matter how busy my schedule was.

Although I always had a love for fitness, I was never as passionate about it as I am now. Between studio hopping, hiking, and exercising six days a week, it’s nearly impossible to feel anything less than my best self after a workout. My days of overwhelming anxiety came to an end once I was finally doing something to ~sweat the stress away~. And of course, once you get those endorphins flowing, it’s actually scientifically impossible to have nothing, but positive thoughts and feelings running through you.

With a much clearer mind, I now understand what the psychologist meant when he asked what the worst that could happen was. Not just for grades, but in general it is essential to put things in perspective before you react. I am able to handle relationships and stress in a much calmer, proactive manner rather than shutting myself down emotionally.

So bottom line, whether it's through meditation, exercise, or killing zombies in a video game, find what works for you to find your Zen and avoid being a big ol' ball of stress.