How To Sweat Like a Marine

As I’m sure many of my fellow Commodores didn’t know, we recently had Marine Week here in Nashville. For one of my classes I had to attend a Marine Week event and just as luck would have it, one of the options was an early morning Marine Workout. I decided to give it a try and set my alarm for the ungodly time of 6:15 for the 7 a.m. class the next morning.

When I arrived at the park in downtown Nashville, I was immediately intimated by the crowd.  Everyone looked super fit, especially the Marines, and I was excited and nervous for what the next hour had in store...

The Warm Up

We started with a few laps around the perimeter of the park at a medium pace. I would estimate that the running lasted for a little over half a mile. Next we did high knees up and down the field, followed by butt kicks, and karaoke (fast grape vines). We also did about 20 “inch worms” where you walk your hands out into a plank and then walk your feet up to meet your hands. Lastly, we did kicks where our opposite hands tried to grab our toes to stretch out our hamstrings. After the warm up I was sweaty and panting, unsure how that was only the warm up. But oh yes the workout had yet to even begin…

The Workout

After the warmup, the leading Marine introduced the workout plan and demonstrated each exercise. Basically we had thirty minutes to complete the following:

  • 20 squats
  • 20 lunges
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 20 burpees
  • 20 pushups
  • 20 flutter kicks
  • 20 russian twists
  • 1 lap per round

Hmm that didn’t sound too bad. Until my friend pointed out the  x5 at the top of the board. Yup, the goal was to accomplish this round 5 times in 30 minutes. We were split up into squads of 13 (as they are in the Marines) with one real marine to lead our group. Our group tried to stay in unison and complete each exercise as a team. The 20 burpees in a row seemed to be the biggest challenge and we ended up splitting them up ten after the mountain climbers and then ten at the end after the russian twists. The laps weren’t too bad, except when we tried to sprint the first. The second we completed with indian sprints (run in two lines with the back person sprinting to the front so the line keeps moving), and the third was a normal run. We were able to make it through three rounds before the thirty minutes were up. By the end I was covered in grass, sweating, and exhausted but extremely proud at what I had accomplished. So next time you’re working out, change up your routine and see if you’re as tough as a marine. I am definitely not, but hey it was worth a try!