5 Pieces of Nutritional Advice From Your Local Juice Press Addict

As a native New Yorker, I have developed a slight juice and smoothie addiction. Maybe it's because these days there is literally a juice place on every corner, or perhaps because of the convenience of the grab-and-go. Regardless, I've tried 'em all, and my #1 go-to is Juice Press. From cold-pressed juices, to innovative salads to raw desserts, Juice Press has it all. They never use preservatives, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, iodized salts, or canned products in any of their products. Here are some tips and tricks that I've learned from my many trips to JP.



Natural Sugars > ARTIFICIAL Sugars

I know it says Diet Coke, but the truth of the matter is, it’s just the opposite. Processed, artificial, and isolated sugars that are found in sodas and other sweet snacks might as well be poison because of the impact they can have on your body.

Instead of artificial sugar, opt for a natural sweetener such as agave or natural and organic sugars you find in fruits! You can never go wrong with fruits and veggies as they transfer into the bloodstream quickly (giving the consumer almost an immediate boost of energy), are easily digested, and carry along crucial vitamins and minerals.

Good news! All of Juice Press’s products including smoothies, juices, desserts, or other raw food is sweetened with raw agave or other raw organic sweeteners.

You don’t need as much protein as you thought you did…

 First of all, "eat more protein" shouldn't be confused with "eat more meat." While animal products (such as beef, poultry, pork, milk, cheese and eggs) are all great options that provide high-quality protein, there are also many plant foods that can do the same. Plant-based products provide just the right amount of protein while also delivering vitamins and nutrients to the body, while animal-based products might deliver too much protein (and fewer vitamins and nutrients). The concentrated servings of meat directly correlate with fermentation and gas pressure, inevitably causing the human body to go through inflammation. Fish products are a great option as they deliver healthy amounts of protein and are more easily digested than meat products. Veggies are also a quality alternative, and chances are that if you're eating lots of veggies, you're getting the right amount of calcium and protein, without consuming dairy, eggs, or meat!



A clean diet leads to a clean sweat!

A “clean” diet (limited meat and processed food, extra fruits and veggies) has been proven to be the best diet for athletes and sweaters! For one, clean diets lead to shorter recovery periods for injuries. In addition, athletes eating clean are able to take on longer and harder work out routines with less rest time and will experience less fatigue.

Did you know? Juice Press breaks down slow-transit food (which take longer to digest) and blends together a perfect mix of clean eats!

Juice or Smoothies?

Ever wonder if one is healthier than the other? Interestingly enough, both prove to be equally healthy, however there are more health benefits from juices. The juice is much more easily digested, as it enters into the bloodstream almost immediately after consumption—leading to a quicker boost of energy! Smoothie’s, however, contain more fiber than do juice’s since it is less broken down. The smoothie will take longer to digest and to transfer energy. It is also believed that smoothies are less detoxing than juices.

A Clean Coffee Craze

Us sweaters need our energy as soon as the sun comes up, so it’s no surprise that many of us fall prey to caffeine addiction. Warning: Proceed with caution! Coffee can become instantly deleterious towards our health once we add unnatural sugars, whole milk or cream, and (~gasp~) flavored syrup!  Adding natural almond milk (which is less inflammatory than dairy products) and selecting cold brew coffee (which is less acidic) are the healthiest and cleanest ways to customize your coffee cravings.