Kick 'Em To The Curb

We all get those freaky emails from Campus Police informing us about a sexual assault case or some other attack that happened on campus. It leaves us feeling a little sad, but also with the mentality somewhere along the lines of “that will never happen to me,” and we brush it off. But what if it did happen to you... Would you be prepared?

Photo: Chandler Gregor (Wisconsin '18)

Photo: Chandler Gregor (Wisconsin '18)

Villari’s Martial Arts is a kickboxing and self defense studio on State Street that can double as a fun workout activity and a class that can teach you a lot about how to protect yourself and be safe in Madison. They offer classes for martial arts and fitness, as well as workshops that focus solely on women’s self defense. Their fitness classes focus on variations including stretching, shadowboxing, footwork drills, and HIIT training, and they are open to all levels of experience. Their teaching philosophy is that “ALL bodies are strong,” and focus on positive vibes and confidence when taking on physical activity in their studio!

The women’s self defense portion of Villari’s is called “SAFE” and focuses on how to recognize dangerous situations, how to use words to prevent harm, how to escape an attack, and how to strike with power and accuracy if needed. SAFE is an excellent event to have for your ORG or sorority to participate in to learn more about how to stay safe and confident when walking around Madison.

Villari’s has so much to offer, and is often considered a hidden gem due to its underground location right next to Wendy’s. Take a few of your friends, and try something new!  Although it might not be the hardest workout that madison has to offer, especially for those who are more in shape, it is still fun to change things up while also protecting yourself.