Kick it in the A.M.

The last thing any college student wants to do after a night of studying or partying is to get up early in the morning and workout. However, after giving into those late-night munchies, a morning workout is most likely just what you need!

Morning workouts have so many more benefits than that of a workout later in the day. Kicking it in the A.M. will result in a greater boost in your metabolism as well as an enhanced sleep pattern.

All in all, a sunrise run around campus may be just what you need to clear your mind from the stress that bogged up your head from the night before. Even better, a morning spin class at the RecPlex will definitely help you sweat out all of the toxins that are in your body.

So c’mon Fairfield! Set your alarm for 7AM, pack a backpack with a towel and your Swell waterbottle, and lastly, grab a friend and take a relaxing run to the beach! Once you’re there, you can take advantage of the beautiful view and get an insta worthy sunrise, beach picture.

After getting through that one hour of exercise early in the morning, you will have all day to relax and get your work done. An early workout puts your head in the right place of mind, thus you will be in a better mood all day and you’ll be able to cope with the pressures of school even better.

Still don’t have the motivation to kick your booty into high gear early in the morning? Just think about the Starbucks caramel macchiato that you can sip on, regret free, after your workout!