Lulu WHO

The saying goes “dress well test well"! The same applies to working out: if you’re feelin’ trendy while you #getsweaty, you're likely going to succeed in your workout. 

Unfortunately, we all know that on a college budget top brand names like Lululemon and Athleta might not always be number one on our shopping lists. But don’t fret there are plenty of fun and trendy alternatives within a college student's price range.

  1. Believe it or not, Target has sports bras and workout pants for all shapes and sizes! They sell almost every color and style you’re looking for. Best of all they look AMAZING giving you that extra booty lift we all want and need.
  2. Everyone knows the very beautiful and fit Kate Hudson. But do you know her fitness line, Fabletics? With your first order at Fabletics, you can create a profile that is unique to you. Once you choose the style you like best you’ll receive a complete outfit for only $15! Now that's a steal.
  3. Last but definitely not least my all time favorite, Amazon. Amazon has everything you could possible be looking for, from trendy workout clothes, to headphones, to water bottles. It's quick and there's something for everyone at a huge variety of price ranges. 
  4. Check out the SWEAT SCENE SHOP! Curated by our Sweat Team members, there's a wide variety of items and brands for every workout (and a bunch of SALE items!)

If you feel like your weekend spending is starting to catch up to you, don’t worry there are plenty of ways to still get sweaty in style.