Meet me at the BAR(RE)

Growing up as a dancer, the studio has become my happy place–  a home away from home. So, when I first learned about barre classes in high school, I knew I had to give it a try - ballet + a workout class... it could not sound any more like me?! I went to my first class at Pure Barre, and little did I know that I would become slightly (ok, maybe MAJORLY) obsessed with barre classes! Now living in Nashville, I’ve tried almost every barre class there is, and I’m here to give you the rundown of all the super cool and hip barres the Music City has to offer…

Pure Barre

Pure Barre will always have a very special place in my heart, as it is what got me hooked on barre! I have not found a studio that beats Pure Barre, as I have grown to love the structure and intensity that is upheld in every class, no matter the state, studio, or instructor. Every class follows the same heart pumping warm up- followed by a section for your thighs, booty, abs, and stretching in between. Every class has my muscles literally SHAKING and I leave feeling tight, toned, and SWEATY. I love that I break a sweat in this barre class, simply from squeezing and working my muscles with very minimum cardio! I can always rely on Pure Barre for a great workout with fun music that will leave my muscles sore and appreciative of my hard work.


The Dailey Method

As it is super close to Vanderbilt’s campus, I really wanted to like The Dailey Method with the pricing being very reasonable. I’ve been to a couple of classes, and found some pros and cons to this barre studio. The pro is that they have a few different types of classes - dailey barre, dailey fusion, and dailey interval - so you can find the style of class that works best for you! However, as a con, the dailey barre class was a much slower, easier class than I was used to, so I didn’t feel like I had gotten a great workout in. The dailey interval class was more challenging, as it was focused on a HIIT type of workout with bursts of cardio movement paired with more tightly focused toning movements. Because of the faster pace though, I felt like I was losing some of the awesome tightening and toning that I expect from a barre class. I was still a little sore the next day after each of my classes though, and this studio is super convenient for Vandy students, which is a major plus!! (Helloooo Uber bill)



This studio in the Gulch was so warm and welcoming when I came for my first class! Barre3 definitely gave me hope that I could find other amazing barre classes in Nashville that I could use to switch up my workout routines. The classes at Barre3 are fast paced so you don’t get bored, but they start out each movement by focusing on alignment so that you get the most effective workout possible. I liked the variety in each class I went to by being surprised in what workout was coming next. This was a nice change from Pure Barre, where I could definitely do the entire class blindfolded and backwards if asked... Overall, Barre3 was a great workout that left me feeling toned and tight and ready to continue my day on a positive note!



BarreAmped is the cutest, coziest studio I’ve ever been to. It was walking distance from my dorm last year, so I was super excited to try a class that was walking distance and in such a cool location on music row. Pros to this class was that it was super tiny so the instructor was able to give lots of hands-on assistance and make sure that everyone’s alignment was correct. Unfortunately though, because of how small the actual room was, I felt a bit claustrophobic and unable to move to my full potential. This class was also a little too slow for my taste, but I would definitely recommend this studio to friends that are new to barre!


Clearly, I love barre classes a lot, and YOU SHOULD TOO! Contrary to popular belief, there is NO dance skill required, and you are guaranteed to get your booty toned and those abs next time you hit the town, try out one of these awesome bar(res)! :)