Okay, Poké.

Every now and then unhealthy food trends like Mac and Cheeetos and cronuts go viral. When it comes to Poké (POK-ay) bowls, the buzz is 100% deserved. If you haven’t heard of Poké bowls yet, that's bound to change very soon. After a summer in New York City, I fell in love with them. Visits to places such as PokeWorks, Onomea, Wise Fish and Sons of Thunder became part of my daily routine.  When I got back to Madison, I was left deprived of my poké fix. But now I am V happy to let you all know that poke bowls have now made their debut in Madison.

Miko Poke, which is about a 7-minute drive from main campus, allows you to customize your own poke bowl at the counter–choosing your poke (basically any meat or seafood cut up into chunky cubes and marinated), white rice, brown rice or greens for the base, and a variety of vegetables, spices and sauce toppings. Simply put, Poke bowls are low in calories, flavorful, and packed with protein. The bowl is essentially a glorified, decomposed version of sushi, but definitely a step up from the Chipotle bowl we’re all too familiar with.

The modern and trendy vibes inside Miko Poke creates a great atmosphere, making it worth the slight trek off campus. Miko Poke has a house favorite menu includes a number of pre-designed bowls, such as the Hawaiian Style (ahi tuna, avocado, cucumbers, edamame, poké sauce, garlic chile oil, spicy aioli) or the Terayaki chicken (roasted marinated chicken, carrots, pineapple, radish, teriyaki sauce, scallion ginger aiol). Their entire menu is gluten and dairy free, and  they also offer cooked seafood, chicken, and vegan/vegetarian options. Oh, and they have Hawaiian shaved ice...