Orange You Ready to Sweat?

After hearing endless chatter about the sweat dripping OrangeTheory workout, I can absolutely say the class lived up to the hype. With a mixture of fast paced cardio and high intensity muscle toning, you'll be burning several hundred to a thousand calories in just an hour as your heart rate shoots through the roof in basically a personal training room.  


I received a personalized phone call from the studio to explain that I should come a half hour before my scheduled class time to receive my heart rate monitor and a general tutorial from my coach. Every participant of the class’s heart rate is projected on a big screen and the goal is to reach the target “orange zone”- the peak of where your heart rate should be. With the goal of this workout being to increase your metabolism and energy, the sweat scale is undoubtably a 10/10, with burning 500-1,000 calories in just an hour long class!


As you’re watching your heart rate fluctuation on the screen the entire time amongst all the class members- you become even more motivated to raise your heart rate into the orange zone. The 10:45 a.m. class first started out on the treadmills, where you can choose to run at the level of power walking, jogging, or sprinting (whatever works best for you!). The instructor enthusiastically gives direction to each level that consists of either your base pace, push pace, and sprinting it out. After dripping in sweat during the first few minutes, the class transitions to the rowing machines, giving you a full body workout. For the final portion, the class moves to the weight room for full body toning and muscle building with the use of free weights, benches, TRX Pro suspension bands, and ab rolling machines. Rather than just sitting on a bike for an hour, your body is engaging different muscle groups through a broad variation of workout sets. And if you can’t keep up, not to fear, you can rely on the television screen to provide you with the current workout routine, while serving the purpose of reassuring you that you are getting the most you can out of the class. Even better, you receive an email immediately after with the chart of your performance summary. Could they make it any easier for us to strive in reaching our fullest physical potential?! 


I would suggest wearing leggings and a sweat resistant tank top, as you will want to wear as minimal cotton clothing as possible because you are DEFINITELY drenched in sweat. Or shop the OrangeTheory gear to brag that you’ve embarked on the OrangeTheory journey, while being trendy too! 


Although you’re in a 10-25 member class, the OrangeTheory experience feels extremely personalized. The training room is intimate and feels like its your own. Plus, you’re sweating it out on your own treadmill, rowing machine, and training equipment, allowing you to isolate your focus on your individual workout, without the pressure of navigating your routine. The staff members and manager of the studio, Jon Andrade,  were extremely welcoming and friendly as soon as you walked in the door, just like you would feel as if you were walking into a friend’s house.


The class was instructed by the enthusiastic, personable, amazing head trainer, Lauren Sefcik. She eagerly greeted the first timers by making us feel comfortable with the structure and dynamic of the class. She directs the class through a mic, while encouragingly modifying positions and reps to ensure the absolute best results and full experience from the 60 minutes. Lauren took the time to review our progress with us via the heart rate charts to show how hard we pushed ourselves, how many calories we burned, and how long we spent in the “orange zone”. While she encouraged us to push ourselves, she never made anyone feel guilty for going at their own pace! Lauren was beyond friendly, enthusiastic, supportive, and gave each member just as much special attention as a personal trainer would.


First class is free, and classes are $30 for a single drop-in, but can get as low as $10 - $20/per visit when you purchase a membership or package. 



525 Tunxis Hill Cut Off, Fairfield, CT 06825

* 7 minute drive from campus.