Peppermint Perks

Christmas has come and gone, but the leftovers and endless amounts of festive snacks still remain. Most commonly, we’re surrounded by the iconic, red and white peppermint treats. Between candy canes and peppermint bark, it's hard to resist the holiday splurge. Peppermint, however, is actually more than just a delicious holiday flavor; it also has great health benefits!

Curbs Cravings: Did you know that just smelling a candy cane might convince you not to eat one? Studies have found that smell and taste of the peppermint plant can cause people to feel less hungry. Peppermint has a direct effect on the part of the brain that tells you when you've had enough to eat.

Headaches: Research has found that applying peppermint to your forehead and temples can help alleviate a tension headache within 15 minutes.

Bloating: Peppermint relaxes your stomach muscles and activates the “anti-pain” channel in your colon. This allows fluids to flow easily, assists in digestion and helps relieve flatulence.

So, while this doesn’t mean that you should stuff yourself with peppermint mochas and candy cane cookies (all of that sugar is still not healthy for you), know that peppermint is definitely a good treat to keep around the house!