Places To Hike Around Fairfield

Although the new and improved RecPlex is beautiful, constantly being on a machine and staring out that big glass window can get a little boring. Lucky for us, we go to school in New England, a suburban/rural region notorious for its beauty during the fall season. There are plenty of hiking trails near campus that are  perfect for running or just taking a walk with some friends to admire the beauty of nature and the changing seasons.  

Lake Mohegan

Lake Mohegan Trail is located about 10 minutes from campus, right next to the Merritt Parkway entrance. The myriad of colors from the changing leaves canopy over the trail, while to both sides of you there is usually a waterfall or lake. Lake Mohegan is perfect for de-stressing without have to travel too far.

Sherwood Island State Park

Located in Westport, Sherwood Island is just four exits away from school on I-95 South. Sherwood Island offers a couple different views in just one location. You can run alongside the Long Island Sound, to give you a different perspective than you get from our very own Lantern Point, or you can view the marshlands from the observation platform they offer. There is also a picnic grounds for after your hike!

Burying Hill Beach

Another hidden gem located in Westport, Burying Hill beach is exactly what it sounds to be. While it runs along the Long Island Sound just like Sherwood Island and Fairfield Beach, it is a great locality and can be beautiful in both the Autumn and Winter. The sunrises and sunsets are both beautiful whether they’re accompanied by the crisp autumn air and changing leaves, or the chilly winter and a blanket of snow.

Pequonnock River Trail

Next time you decide to get those steps in at the Trumbull Mall, keep this trail in mind! Whether you decide to hit it before or after the mall, or just go for the cheaper and more scenic option and avoid the mall altogether, this trail is worth the short drive to Trumbull. The Pequonnock trail is previously known as the Housatonic Rail trail, as it lies over an old railroad track. Taking its old identity into account- it is a pretty flat trail, with very little incline which makes it perfect for any and all activities like walking, running or even biking.

Sleeping Giant State Park

The farthest path in relation to campus, being a bit longer of a drive on the Merrit than Trumbull, but absolutely worth it for the amazing views this mountain provides from its high elevation points. Sleeping Giant is a hotspot for Yale (Perfect opportunity for a husband search, ladies!) and Quinnipiac students being that it lies in Hamden. There is something for everyone here, with both easy and hard trails accompanied by views of the Long Island Sound, Quinnipiac and New Haven to enjoy along the way. At the top of the trail, lies an old tower which provides visibility so far out you can see Long Island (for all you strong Islanders out there). Sleeping Giant is something you will definitely want to check off the bucket list before graduation.