RecPlex Cycling Class

The RecPlex spin class targets your legs, arms and abs, giving you a full body cardio workout. You'll work your arms, legs and abs moving between the different positions. While the class seems dauntingly early, it's actually an amazing energy boost for the rest of the day!

The Sweat Scale

 10/10. Definitely bring a towel with you; you’re going to need it!

The Workout

This specific spin class consisted of jumps between 1st and 3rd position, and 2nd and 3rd. There were several sprints on a mediate to high resistance (definitely makes those legs burn!). We also did some climbs on high resistance. Overall you bike about 13-15 miles in about 45 minutes.

What to Wear and How to Prepare

I suggest wearing workout leggings along with a sweat-resistant workout tank top. Wearing shorts may not be comfortable when changing positions on the bike, and workout tank tops tend to absorb more sweat than normal t-shirts. Wear socks and sneakers, (unless you have spin shoes!). Definitely bring enough water because you will absolutely need it!

The Atmosphere

The lights are off in the spin room, which makes the atmosphere more intense and helps you focus on the ride. The instructor is in the front of the room on a bike facing you with a microphone headset, which is great because if you are confused on what to do, you can just watch them. The music is upbeat and intense, so the rhythm helps you find your riding pace. The bikes are programmed specifically for you, depending on your age, weight, and how many hours of cardio you do a week. The color zones help you stay on pace during the ride with your instructor. White and blue are lighter, green and yellow are mediate, and red is hard.


The instructor for this specific class (6:45 AM on Tuesdays) is Emma Collins. She is loud and encouraging, which motivates you to push yourself to go harder. She has amazing music, which I love, because for me, music can make or break the kind of ride I have.