SERF Demolition

Although the SERF might be done for the next two years, that doesn’t mean you can say goodbye to your muscle tone, too. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.


Rec Sports Master Plan is a $236M funded plan to improve and revamp major facilities on our University. They have decided to completely demolish and then rebuild the SERF, due to their estimation that simply renovating the building would cost just as much, if not more, and have less improvement. The University is extremely excited and hopeful for the SERF, hoping to create a new “hub” and center for campus activity. Additionally, hoping to increase the amount of users that the SERF attracts. Here is a low-down on what to expect in Spring of 2020:

The new SERF will include 5 times more fitness space, meaning less waits for cardio machines! Builders are also including more studios for clubs, student organizations, and fitness classes. There is currently only one studio room, but the new SERF will include 5 multipurpose rooms. In addition, have you ever noticed how you essentially feel like you’re in a dark cement cave when you’re inside the serf? Me too. The new building is planning on including natural lighting, supplementing the idea of a healthier and more active campus. Finally, the SERF is set to include a pool fit for competitive swimming, as well as competitive diving with a diving platform.

Additionally, the University is upgrading the West Playfields to permeable synthetic turf to facilitate year-long athletic practices! (Not sure who wants to practice outside during February in Wisconsin but, still sounds cool.) Fields will include updated lighting fixtures and new scoreboards, creating an intramural sports heaven. The area surrounding the fields will also be redone, with walkways and new gates and entrances. This completion is set to be much sooner than the SERF remodel, November of 2016.

UW-Madison has some large upgrades coming to campus in order to boost its image and status as a world class institution. The additions sound incredible, and definitely much needed. In fact, over 80% of the student body voted to have new recreational and fitness facilities on campus. The new SERF will open in 2020, but when was the last time a major construction project actually met its deadline? My take on it is, I sure hope not having a campus gym that’s not a bus ride away for my last year of college will be worth it. However, to keep Wisconsin on the map as a competitive and impressive university, you gotta do what you gotta do.