Summer Sweatin’: DC Edition

Whether it’s for an internship on The Hill, with a federal agency or in the private sector, Washington DC is a great and exciting place to spend the summer. With tons of free museums to visit, countless restaurants to try, and amazing historical landmarks everywhere, it’s no wonder that so many interns flock to DC each summer. With the busy schedule that comes with being a real adult in the nation’s capital, finding time to workout can be difficult, (plus the 90+ degree weather everyday doesn’t help), but it’s a great way to relieve that built up stress that comes from having a 9-5 job. Here are some of our favorite ways to get moving in one of America’s fittest cities after a day of being pent up in a cubicle staring at a computer.

Best Running Routes:

Photo: Morgan Shear (Georgetown '18)

Photo: Morgan Shear (Georgetown '18)

The National Mall is the ultimate running track. From the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol is about a 6-mile loop, but there are plenty of variations and cut through paths along the way to make your route shorter (or longer if you’re feeling extra ambitious). On this path you’ll run past the White House, the Washington Monument and most of the Smithsonian museums. End your run at the Lincoln Memorial and run up and down the steps a few times to finish your workout with a bang.

Pro tip: Go early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid unbearable heat and the mass amounts of selfie-stick loving tourists. Catching sunrise or sunset isn't a bad perk either.

My favorite route that I’ve found so far in DC is the 2-mile shaded loop around the Tidal Basin, mostly because you get to run right by the FDR, MLK and Jefferson memorials. Take a break on the steps of the Jefferson memorial for a great view of the Washington Monument and the whole Tidal Basin. Be sure to walk through the FDR memorial slowly and take the time to read all of the quotes and appreciate the statues and fountains– this is by far my favorite memorial!

If you get tired of running at the National Mall, Embassy Row is a great substitute jam-packed with beautiful buildings. Start at Dupont Circle and head up Massachusetts Avenue, ending your run at the Vice President’s home at the Naval Observatory. This run is about 2-miles and will take you past almost every country’s U.S. embassy. For a fun game to distract yourself from the steep hill, try to guess every country’s flag and see how many you know! Don’t miss the Gandhi memorial at the Indian embassy and South Africa’s tribute to Nelson Mandela.


With locations all over DC, SoulCycle seems to be everyone go-to cycling studio in the city. With fun music and party vibes, a 45-minute class at Soul leaves you in the best mood and ready to conquer the rest of your day. For an intense class that will literally leave you dripping in sweat, try Alex at the Georgetown location.  


CorePower Yoga in Georgetown is the perfect de-stressor after a busy day at work. The yoga chain’s heated classes and happy vibes are sure to leave you sweaty and spiritual. Read our CorePower review here

Blast DC:

I was shocked and disappointed when I found out that there was no Barry’s Bootcamp in DC, but l soon learned about Blast DC, which comes in a close second. Blast, which stands for Balanced Level of Aerobic/Anaerobic and Strength Training, is located in West End and incorporates HIIT (high intensity interval training) as you alternate from cardio on a treadmill to strength training on the floor.