Sweat into Sparkle

In college, it’s hard to find the time to get both a workout in and make yourself look presentable before class. Back-to-back classes all day and don’t have time to shower right after your workout? We’ve all been there. After many times of showing up to class post-workout, I’ve found some tricks that have made fitting a workout into my busy schedule much easier than before.

Go grab your gym bag, and throw these beauty necessities in it to make sure you are looking and feeling your best after a workout on a busy day!

1. Dry Shampoo

Drum roll please...dry shampoo is a LIFE SAVER. I’m sure we can all agree that going to class with wet, sweaty hair... is a no-go. My favorite dry shampoo, at the moment, is the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Beautiful Brunette, which is tinted for darker hair colors. And not to fear, if you have lighter colored hair, this miracle product comes in Blissful Blonde. To apply the product, part your hair in sections and spray the oily areas. With a fresh and clean scent, it absorbs any dirty residue in your hair, that you can tip off with a cute headband to hide whatever the dry shampoo didn't take care of!

2. Cleansing Wipes/ Face Wash

After a nice and #sweaty workout, it's essential to make sure to remove all of the dirt and oils off your face to avoid anything clogging your open pores. To keep your skin healthy and glowing while you're on the go after the gym, throw some cleansing wipes and face wash into your gym bag. Cleansing your body in the shower is just as important is well. This step will help you feel refreshed and cleaner before moving on with your busy day.

3. Pack A Change of Clothes

I have found that changing clothes post-workout has made sitting through class and running errands after sweating much more comfortable. There is nothing worse or more distracting than sitting through a lecture in wet, stinky workout clothes. Before you hit the gym, pack any clothing you think you will need in order to make you feel comfortable and cleanly after a workout–something easy like a basic t-shirt, athletic shorts (with built in underwear) goes a long way!  

4. Makeup

It might seem ridiculous, but a little bit of mascara and bronzer can make you feel a hundred times better walking into class. To have that extra "glow," I like to pack a mini makeup bag inside of my gym bag where I keep my Rimmel Natural Bronzer, a fluffy makeup brush, mascara, and a tinted chapstick. After I cleanse my face, I quickly apply bronzer on the top of my forehead, cheek bones and under my chin, in the shape of an E. Then, I apply a bit of mascara to brighten my eyes and use a lightly tinted chapstick to my lips.

5. Body Spray / Perfume

Finally, the most important tip! I’m sure your classmates will appreciate this one. If you don’t have the time, energy, or space for the other four tips, be sure to at least make this a habit post gym. To temporarily hide that after-gym, sweat smell from that cute boy in your Calculus class, use deodorant and then a fresh floral scented body spray. My current favorite is Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea, and Victoria's Secret has a wide variety of body sprays as well. I suggest a body spray, as a perfume can smell very heavy over fresh sweat.