Sweat Spotlight: Trammell Logan

It's rare to find someone who has the best taste in music, who makes a whole room smile just by entering it, who teaches a badass spin class and who makes you excited to wake up at the crack of dawn, put on spandex and profusely sweat for 45-minutes.  

Run, don't walk to Trammell's class. We promise you'll thank us later.

Explain this picture.   ————————————————————————>

I grew up singing and dancing in the Boys Choir of Harlem. From 4th to 12th grade, I performed all around the world. This was from a performance with Destiny’s Child at the Christmas Tree Lighting and we did their version of Carol of the Bells. About 15 of us were selected to do it and it was probably the first ever time I was super starstruck. 

When did you start dancing and singing and performing?

Dancing, singing, all of that stuff, I think I was just born wanting to do it. It’s always been a passion of mine, but I think it came out more when I joined the choir– singing especially. Dancing has always been my number one thing, and it always will be.

Does anyone else in your family dance/sing/perform?

I have a lot of siblings, so there were 8 of us (my youngest sister passed away when I was 10) and they’ve always been into the arts, but no one has ever tried to pursue it. My mom used to put on a lot of community talent shows way before I was born, but no one else really pursued it or was super passionate about it besides me. 

When did you get into fitness?

When I was young, also. My mom put me in a lot of activities. I grew up doing martial arts and competed for about 9 or10 years or so. That was definitely the first thing that brought me into fitness. To this day I still do mixed martial arts, boxing, dance, lift, and then I’ve done a Spartan Race and now SoulCycle, of course. Fitness has always been a big part of my life. With dancing, you have to maintain your health and strength. But now, of course, SoulCycle is bringing that out of me even more to where I’m helping out with training new instructors and stuff like that.

How did you become a SoulCycle instructor?

I was teaching dance at one of my student’s birthday parties and Julie Rice happened to be there with her daughter. Julie saw me teaching the kids and she just said she saw something and asked me if I wanted to be a spin instructor. Spin was one thing I’d never done, so I was like eh... kind of standoffish at first. 

Had you heard of SoulCycle?

I had because a lot of my student’s parents would go, and I would always walk by it, but I never had the urge to try it or anything like that. I had a few friends who had auditioned two years before this even came about. Julie and I reconnected probably a month or two after we met, went took a class, got my ass kicked by Marvin and that was that. We did a super fast 4-week training with just four of us (at that time trainings were 8-12 weeks), and then they threw us on the schedule. 

How many classes a week do you teach?

At least 20. But I think the max I’ve done in a week was 28. 

How do you cross train all of the spinning?

I try to lift three times a week, but that’s always hard with dance and stuff. Never less than twice though. And then boxing. A lot of boxing. 

What’s your favorite part of teaching?

With both dance and SoulCycle, I get to witness people’s physical and mental growth. People will come in shy and scared because they look at it like a spotlight, but soon they begin to break that fear and build confidence, which makes them stronger on the bike. And then because of dance, and the kind of music that I like to play, I get to see people really appreciate that as well, especially on the Upper East Side. Before I started teaching, they said 'you can’t play hip-hop on the Upper East side, they’re not gonna like it,' and that is definitely a lie. Everyone loves hip-hop. It makes you want to move. 

Check out Trammell's favorite tunes HERE

Tell us about East Side Dance Company

ESDC is my dance company, I opened it the same year that I started at Soul. I was working at another musical theater program, running their dance department, left that, grabbed a few of my people and opened this dance studio. It’s mainly kids – after school program and private lessons and parties and stuff like that, but we also do adult classes, workshops and team-building. 

So what’s next?

SoulCycle and my dance studio balance each other out perfectly. I'm going to continue to see where Soul takes me and keep on building and expanding East Side Dance Company.