Holiday Fitness Gift Guide

Whether you’re almost done with holiday shopping or have yet to begin, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts for the fitness fanatic in your life. Grab one of these for your mom, sister, bestie, or roommate and watch her face light up when she unwraps it! If your own New Year’s Resolution is to work towards a healthier lifestyle, there’s no doubt she’ll join you if she’s got one of these awesome gifts to accompany her.

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Lulu WHO

The saying goes “dress well test well"! The same applies to working out: if you’re feelin’ trendy while you #getsweaty, you're likely going to succeed in your workout.  

Unfortunately, we all know that on a college budget top brand names like Lululemon and Athleta might not always be number one on our shopping lists. But don’t fret there are plenty of fun and trendy alternatives within a college student's price range.

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