8 Snacks You Need To Get Through Finals

It’s that time of year again... Finals week has arrived. For many, this means 7 straight days of endless study hours, late nights, and mountains of stress. Although we prepare for it all semester, this dreaded week always comes way too fast.

As our anxieties begin to grow, it becomes easy to lose track of healthy eating and resort to late night binges. But, if you chose your foods wisely your meals can help you power through any serious study session.

Here are 8 great healthy snacks to help keep you going:

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Overnight Oats: Easy, Nutritious + On-the-go

One of the most important ways to fuel your body for the day is to eat a good breakfast. It can sometimes be hard as a college student to eat anything at all before running to class, let alone a balanced meal. Walking to the dining hall before class means waking up at least 30 minutes earlier, and making a decent breakfast in your room quickly before class can be a mess. A perfect solution to this problem, and a way to start your day right, is overnight oats.

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Sweat Spotlight: Jessica Perry

Ever wonder what a dietitian eats on the daily? I sat down with Emory’s Residential Dietitian, Jessica Perry, to get the scoop on her personal food philosophy, daily workouts, and favorite on-campus eats. Turns out, Perry opts for real sugar and cream in her morning coffee. Sound like your kind of meal plan? Read on.

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No-Bake Energy Bites

In college, it can be pretty tricky to keep up with consistently healthy eating habits. Between hectic class schedules, sporadic workout sessions and all-nighters in the library, it’s easy to skip meals, forget to pack healthy snacks and ultimately end up binge eating at the end of the day. Ideally, you should be eating a little something every three to four hours to keep your metabolism going, give your body energy, and ensure you won’t overeat later.

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