Active Activities

It’s easy to be intimidated by workout classes that make you cycle your heart out for 45 minutes in a hot and sweaty room while they yell at you. It is an acquired taste, but don’t let the fear of fitness classes like these take you away from living an active life. Over the years, I have tried many different workout classes, and it’s safe to say that they truly made an incredible impact on my life. Soul Cycle taught me how to push myself, Core Power Yoga taught me how to breathe and enjoy the little things, and Pure Barre taught me that I’m incredibly inflexible. However, I noticed that when I truly felt a change in my body was when I did something as small as going on a 20-minute walk once a day, which seems a little more doable if you are just starting to get into a new workout routine. One of my favorite ways to exercise is to hike with friends.

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