5 Reasons You Need to go to SoulCycle

Full disclaimer: I’m not writing this article because I work at SoulCycle; I started working there BECAUSE I love it so much!!  Everyone remembers their first time at SoulCycle (and if you haven’t tried it, you will remember the day you try).  You’re completely lost while the front row is killing it with synced tap-backs, push ups, body rolls, etc.  It’s okay!  If you’re some athletic super human who gets things on the first try, props to you.  If you’re like me, it takes four or five times to really get into the rhythm and understand how to incorporate choreography into your ride.  That first class where you successfully hit those tap back push ups, you feel unstoppable.  It’s literally like winning Dancing With The Stars (LOL not really, but you’ll feel cool).   With all of this being said, here are 5 reasons why SoulCycle is my absolute favorite workout in the world!

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