Take a Hike

Photo: Sarah Pfeiffer (Wisconsin '19)

Photo: Sarah Pfeiffer (Wisconsin '19)

With #summerofsweat in full force, we are all anxious to get outside. While some choose to grab a book and hit the beach, others (like myself) are much happier with an outdoor activity like hiking. Not only does hiking allow you to enjoy the great outdoors, but also it serves as a powerful cardio workout. Tone your butt, legs, and core with this blood-pumping activity, but before you do so, pack up your backpack and make sure you are properly equipped with all your hiking essentials.


The sun is stronger than most people realize, especially in dry areas with higher elevation. If you choose to go on a hike, opt for a higher SPF and make sure to cover every exposed area of skin. One can achieve the same tan on a hike as they would on the beach, but make sure to get bronzed, not burnt.


Photo: Vanessa Levy (UPenn '19)

Photo: Vanessa Levy (UPenn '19)

Depending on the intensity of your hike, you may need a map or compass to find your path. Yet, on most well known trails, paths will be marked by colors or flags. Regardless, make sure to have your phone on you at all times in case you and your hiking crew get lost.


Spare yourself the sunburnt scalp (trust me, there is nothing worse) and protect your head, eyes, neck and face from harmful rays. Hats also  do a great job at keeping the sun out of your eyes when sunglasses aren’t enough and prevent your hair from losing moisture.


I cannot stress enough the importance of drinking water, especially during strenuous activity in the hot sun. To be safe, try to bring about a liter with you. Lack of water during a hike can cause fatigue, headaches, or stomach problems during or following the activity. Drink enough water to make sure you can power through the hike with no problems whatsoever.

Selfie Stick

If you went on a hike and didn't Instagram it, did you really go? A selfie stick is a perfect, fun way to document your adventurous experience with friends.