Tan Tips

When I think of summer, the first thing I think of is getting a tan. After a winter in Wisconsin, everyone looks like a ghost and is in dire need of some UV rays and Vitamin D. Once summer ends and school starts again, it’s always a competition (at least in my mind) to see who can keep their tan the longest and avoid looking like they lived in a dungeon all summer. Here are a few tricks of the trade that I have actually seen preserve and improve my tan so that it can last as long as possible!

Photo:  @koparibeauty

EXFOLIATE. Before going to tan, I always make sure to exfoliate in the shower with a loofah or washcloth. Aside from actually wanting to feel clean (I’m looking at you people who just use a bar of soap), exfoliating removes the dead skin cells on your body that won’t actually tan.
MOISTURIZE. After showering, I always make sure to moisturize my entire body. When tanning, your skin tends to dry up, and can cause it to flake, ruining your tan. If you are sure to moisturize regularly, you can ensure that this won't happen, and that you don’t end up having alligator skin at 40.
DRINK WATER. This is something that people usually don't think about. When tanning, I always make sure to have water next to me. This is key for making sure that your tan lasts for weeks to come. By drinking water, you are making sure that all of the cells in your body are living in a hydrated and healthy environment.
WEAR SUNSCREEN. This is one suggestion that I never took to heart until this year. I used to refuse to wear sunscreen, thinking it was physically impossible to get the bronzed god look that I strive for through it. In the past, I would lay out, get red, and then hoped it turned into a tan the next day. This year, I thought that I would try just wearing SPF 15, and see if I still got color. To my surprise, after laying out for a few hours, I got just as good of a tan, and completely avoided the red lobster look. Sunscreen helps filter out the harmful UV rays, causing you not to burn. I now wear sunscreen every time that I go tanning.

By following these easy tips, you can ensure that your tan will last longer than a few days, and you too can look like a bronzed god (or goddess).

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