The Juice Shop

There is no shortage of juice and smoothie places in NYC. The Juice Shop, however is so much more than that. Just a quick, one hour train ride from the Fairfield campus to try out some of the healthiest, freshest food in Manhattan! 

Each location is quaint and clean. Their most popular seller is their juice cleanses, as the Juice Shop's juices are 100% organic and free from genetically modified organisms.

There are four cleanses and each one serves a different purpose. The benefits range from reenergizing and rejuvenating, to flushing the toxins out of your system in order to feel rejuvenated and healthy!

In addition to these fabulous cleanses they also serve ready-to-eat salads, delicious side dishes (which are great snacks), smoothies, sweets and acai bowls. Their acai bowls are extremely tasty, as well as there PB&CJ smoothie – which has peanut butter, chia gel, strawberries, banana, almond milk and agave. Other delicious options include their mayo-free tuna salad, and a quinoa salad!

Each dish is moderately priced, and packed with vitamins and nutrients to fuel your body! There are locations all over the city and it's definitely worth a try!