The Next Biggest Workout Trend

While juggling classes and social life, it can be hard to fit a good full body workout into a busy college schedule, and it’s easy for students to slack off. Fitness is vital to our overall mind, body, and spirit, which is why it's so important to include it in your daily routine. 

It's hard to push yourself at the gym, so I was thrilled when I discovered Penn State’s newest fitness center, F45 Training, in downtown State College. F45 is an Australian fitness program based on high-intensity, interval training (HIIT) and focuses on functional movements. With A-List fans such as Hugh Jackman and Nicole Richie, this program is quickly becoming the newest fitness craze and is guaranteed to show improvements. The aim of F45 is for clients to stay motivated and challenged, and thus achieve great results. Gym members are provided with unique 45-minute classes containing full-body workout routines that change daily – you’ll never do the same routine twice! Each class is made up of a balance between cardio and weights and is timed with 45 seconds ‘on’ working out with a fifteen second ‘rest’ in between. What makes this program stand out is how it’s designed so everyone can take it at their own pace – making this a great option for people at every fitness level. Plus, group fitness is a great way to stay in shape while meeting new people. It’s easy to bond with fellow trainees as you sweat together and keep each other motivated.

Unsure if F45 is the right program for you? The gym offers a 2-week free trial for anyone interested, giving us the perfect, worry-free way to try it ourselves. So, whether you’re an exercise newbie or a fitness fiend, change up your routine and try F45 Training… for FREE.