The Next Hydration Sensation

Remember when Katniss used a spile to get water from a tree in Catching Fire? Very badass. I obviously don’t recommend you doing the same, but only because DrinkMaple does it for you... DrinkMaple bottles water that is tapped from maple trees. It’s nature’s very own masterpiece, a quality beverage that not only hydrates but also supplies tons of nutrients.

If you’re like me, the dull flavor of water makes it difficult to get your recommended 64-ounces per day. Back when coconut water was trending I joined the bandwagon and I couldn’t live without it. BUT, after finding out that many coconut water drinks on the market make their drinks from concentrate and have added sweeteners, I decided to put an end to the addiction. Only to start a new one, of course.

DrinkMaple is a refreshing and thirst quenching beverage that features a hint of sweetness. It only has one ingredient and that’s pure water that comes straight from maple trees. No added preservatives and  half the amount of natural sugar as coconut water. On top of that, maple water is loaded with health benefits. One bottle provides us with 46 different nutrients including tons of electrolytes, antibiotics, prebiotics and more manganese than a cup of kale.

Not only is DrinkMaple water delicious and healthy, it also supports a good cause. For every bottle of DrinkMaple sold, the More Than Sport organization supplies 200 gallons of clean water to people in developing nations. So do your body and the world some good and start #treechugging.