THE SWEAT SCENE Guide to Fairfield Fit Classes

This fall, we were finally blessed with our beautiful new Rec-Plex here at Fairfield. And when I say beautiful I mean it, this gym is better than anything I could have asked for. So now as students, it’s our turn to capitalize on this new gym. In case you haven’t been yet, this gym has tons of brand new fitness classes for you to try. Everyday there’s a wide variety of workout classes designed personally for all of us here at school to take part in. My personal favorite at the moment are the spin classes, but if spin isn’t your thing there are cardio classes, Zumba, yoga, self-defense, and so much more. The best part is, these classes are free for full-time students so get out there and try all of them! 

So now that I've convinced you to try these classes, you might be wondering how to sign up. First things first, go to and make an account by selecting Fairfield University as your school and by using your Fairfield student email address. When you finish making your account you’ll see a group of choices on the top left of your screen: intramurals, fitness, and sports clubs. Select fitness and you’ll be brought to a page of classes. Scroll down to today’s date and start signing up, (side note: usually registration for classes will being 2-3 days in advance, and they fill up quickly so don’t forget to sign up!) When you find a class you’d like to take part in, click the “sign up” button next to the class name. After accepting the injury waiver, provide your student ID number and phone number. Now press “sign up” for that class and get out there and get sweaty!! You can also get the REC*IT Fitness app, and sign in with your imleagues account and sign up for classes from there.

If something comes up and you are unable to go to the class you signed up for, sign back into your account, go to the class you were signed in for and unregister for it. There will be plenty of people on the waitlist who would still love to get in that class.