Tips For Staying Healthy Back at School

As the fall semester gets into full swing, we often find ourselves missing the relaxation and freedom of being at home, especially when it comes to healthy living. As the school work piles up, it gets harder and harder to take care of ourselves. Before we know it, exams and essays become more important than our own well-being. Follow these easy tips to ensure that your mental and physical health is always your top priority.


College students are some of the busiest people in the world, making it nearly impossible to take care of ourselves as well as we want to. We often find ourselves in the library for hours on end, with barely enough time to lift our heads and come up for air. It is essential, however, to drink enough water and stay hydrated. Hydrating for optimal mental and physical health will help you crank out that essay or rock your spin class!


Getting enough rest is essential to your academic and physical success. It is proven that getting even one extra hour of sleep will increase your success both in the classroom and at the gym. Rest is key and provides you with the proper energy to kill it at the REC center or ace your next exam! So plan ahead and make sure you always make time for your much needed beauty sleep!


It can be incredibly tempting to enjoy late night snacks, especially when you’re up studying or returning from a night out with friends. Instead of indulging in unhealthy foods right before going to bed, try and eat larger and more substantial meals earlier in the day. And if you really can’t resist, snack on healthy foods, such as fruits or almonds before hitting the hay!