Too Blessed to Be Stressed

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One of the most important things to remember about health is that it’s well rounded. Having a beautiful, fit body is one aspect of health, while eating nutritious, balanced meals is also part of a healthy lifestyle. Arguably, though, the most important piece of your health is mental. When people focus too much on the way they exercise or what they eat, they create unhealthy patterns that can become detrimental to overall health, creating a risk for long term problems. That being said, obsessing over how many calories you burned on the treadmill or consumed during lunch, will only make a rewarding, endorphin pumping activity negatively impact your daily choices. 

I’m sure we have all experienced this to some extent. We have worked a little harder at the gym to burn off that dessert we indulged in last night, or changed an outfit because we felt too bloated. And it's okay, because we are all guilty of it! However, it's important to not let self criticism consume your everyday life. 

The stress we take on during a day to day basis should never overwhelm you to the point where it controls everything you do. Weight, school, work; none of these things deserve the power take a toll on your mind and body to the point where it hurts your health or happiness. Everyone has insecurities, everyone has bad days, and everyone has things about them that they wish to improve. Take action on the things you can control to live a healthy life, but don’t allow obsession or stress over your body to bring you down!